A New Semester

by Ally Saxton

Monday, November 27, 2017

A New Semester Kicks Off

The Charleston Church of Christ Campus Ministry (known as Alpha Omega on our college campuses) has been starting the semester off strong! We began the new semester with our 2 new students and 8 returning students coming together for Unity Day. We spent the day growing as a family, gaining vision, planning our fall calendar, and having a blast together! We even rented a boat for the day! In our devotionals we discussed developing a campus culture that is pleasing to Christ and sets a great example of love and unity.

Our Campus Ministry theme for the school year is “Real”. Our Bible Talks will focus on “The Real Jesus”- getting to know who the bible says Jesus is. In our devotionals and discipling times, we will be studying out various aspects of being “Real”, including Real Relationships, Real Service, Real Humility, and Real Worship. Our aim is to develop a deep, authentic love for God and for each other and to try to set a great example of what a true disciple of Jesus is.

Our first week at the College of Charleston, we held our annual “First Week to Meet” where we host evangelistic events throughout the week. We met a lot of great students while we had an ice cream social, played Ultimate Frisbee, held a Glow in the Dark Treasure Hunt, and participated in the Student Organization Fair. We met over 800 students throughout these events! The ministry has faith that “the harvest is plentiful” and is striving to be hard workers for God! We know that God is faithful and that it is Him who makes it grow. Please continue to be praying for our hardworking college students and for a fruitful year for the Campus Ministry!

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